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Need casual services that don't fit within a typical large fixed-price project? Services such as casual design, content management, security updates, or casual development services can be bought in pre-paid time blocks to unlock discounted rates.


Hourly Rate &
Time Blocks.

Casual hours can be bought in time blocks to unlock discounted rates.

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Hourly Rate

$150 +gst

When engaging us to carry out a single task or series of simple tasks that will take less than five hours, you can choose to be billed by the hour at our current hourly rate.

5 Hour Block

$725 +gst ($145/HOUR +gst)

5 hour blocks are great for small updates and changes to your website and can be used for any casual design, content and development related tasks.

10 Hour Block

$1,400 +gst ($140/HOUR +gst)

10 hour time blocks are perfect for clients that will need a few design, content or development changes to their website throughout the month/year.

20 Hour Block

$2,700 +gst ($135/HOUR +gst)

20 hour blocks are great for larger casual tasks or for regular design and development work carried out throughout the month/year.

30 Hour Block

$3,900 +gst ($130/HOUR +gst)

30 hour time blocks are perfect for clients that will need a few design, content or development changes to their website throughout the month/year.

40 Hour Block

$5,000 +gst ($125/HOUR +gst)

40 hour blocks are ideal for a casual hours based mini project or for clients that have regular ongoing tasks throughout the year.

50 Hour Block

$6,000 +gst ($120/HOUR +gst)

50 hour blocks are great for clients that know they will need regular help with their website, and want to lock in our best hourly rate.


Transparent time tracking.

We believe a job is done well when there is open communication with the client, and to that end, we provide very clear and transparent time tracking. If we're working on a casual task for you, we will send through regular communication so that you know how the work is progressing.


Automatic Daily Updates.

Along with regular communication as needed from the designer or developer working on your project, each day we send through an automatic email that outlines any work carried out for you the previous day. This email outlines the tasks worked on, how long the work took, as well as how much time has been used during the current month.

Detailed Hours Breakdown.

Twice a month - once at mid-month and again at the end-of-month (or at the end of a Time Block, whichever comes first), we also send through a detailed report that shows all of the time tracked during that period. These reports go in to greater detail, showing start and stop times, any non-billable time tracked, who worked on the tasks etc.


We find that our clients really appreciate this level of openness and transparency. If you've ever worked with a digital agency before and received what feels like a random invoice for 12 hours for "Website Updates" with no detail or explanation - you are going to love the way we work!


Casual Rates & Time Blocks

Questions & Answers.


Is there a lock-in contract?
No. Casual rates are just that - casual. You can come to us at any time and schedule work to be done. Our time can be bought in pre-paid time blocks to avoid delays and to receive discounted rates.

What can time blocks be used for?
Small, casual or on-going tasks such as design work, web development, support, back-end maintenance, security updates (like WP Core and Plugin updates), speed optimisation and content management.

How long do the time blocks last?
2 Years. The hours in the time blocks last for 2 years, or until they have been used up. We track our time and report on the time used, so you always know how long you have left.

Do the time blocks auto-renew?
No. We will advise you when a time block has expired, and give you the option to buy more time if needed.

Are time blocks paid in advance?
Yes. You can buy online (click the buttons above) or we can invoice you in advance for your preferred time block. Once payment has been received, we can start work on any tasks you require.

Can I get a refund of un-used time (in a time block)?
Yes. If you want a refund of un-used time, we simply work out the hours used in that block to determine the rate you should be paying, and refund the difference. For example, you paid for a 40 Hour block (at $5,000 - $125/hour) but only used 10 hours and would like to refund the un-used time. So you would pay $1,400 ($140/hour x 10 hours) for the time spent and receive a refund of $3,600.

Does the size of client effect the rate?
We aim to give all of our clients the same excellent service, regardless of size. Whether your business is a 1 person operation or a 1,000 person team, or is the smallest or largest brand in your market, our expertise, service level, rates and pricing remain the same.