Magento Go shutting down in 2015

Magento Go shutting down in 2015

Magento Go has confirmed it is closing down. All Magento Go customers have until February 2015 to move their business away. Magento Go customers now have the seemingly awful task of moving carts and hosts at the same time. We can help you migrate from Magento Go to Shopify.

Why is Magento Go Closing?

Magento Go is a cloud-based managed eCommerce solution powered by Magento launched early in 2011, aimed at small businesses that don’t want the hassle of installing and maintaining the bulky Magento platform themselves. Then eBay took over Magento, and a lot changed – Magento Go’s updates were slowing down and its future has been uncertain for a while.

Magento Go was an attempt to compete with Shopify and Big Commerce – two hosted solutions that have been growing and dominating the eCommerce space. But Magento Go never really took off, never caught up. Magento Go had the bones to become a really fantastic shopping cart. It gave you a bit more control than Shopify, but was still lacking in a lot of areas. There were other factors to the demise of Magento Go as well. The platform was very limited in its front-end design and development when compared to services like Shopify.

Migrate from Magento Go to Shopify.

We’re experienced at working with both Magento and Shopify and we can recommend migrating to Shopify. We can help in all aspects of moving your online store to Shopify – moving the theme, customers, products, variations, images, weight and inventory! Shopify has plenty of free and fee-based add-ons, so you’ll have little to no trouble finding the extensions you need to get your store running the way it is now on Magento Go.

You can even take advantage of this opportunity to do a site redesign and refresh the look of your online store and improve it’s usability and performance (conversion optimisation).

Sydney Magento Go Migration.

We are Sydney Shopify Experts, and can offer personal support as we help you through this challenging transition. If you need help migrating your Magento Go shop to Shopify, get in touch.

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