WooCommerce Experts.

WooCommerce is an open-source ecommerce plugin for WordPress allowing you to sell products and services from within your WordPress website. WooCommerce powers over 30% of the world's online stores - so it's definitely tried and tested.

We are here to help WooCommerce store owners with your WooCommerce web design, development and marketing needs, so that you can focus on the other tasks of running your business. We are Sydney WooCommerce experts; your WooCommerce Ninjas for hire!

WooCommerce Design.
We custom design WooCommerce sites with a focus on conversions, speed and usability. And yes, we design websites to look great too!

WooCommerce Development.
As one of Sydney's best WooCommerce developers, we understand Wordpress and WooCommerce to its core and can build an effective online shop for your business.

With our two offices located in Sydney CBD and the Lower Blue Mountains, we're able to offer local Australian support for your business, not just your WooCommerce website. We can train you to get the most out of your new WooCommerce website and we're here to help make sure your WooCommerce website remains secure and runs smoothly, long into the future.

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Why Use WooCommerce?

We are generally ecommerce platform agnostic, whether it be WooCommerce or Shopify, as we're experienced in and appreciate both. When we first talk to a client to discuss their online shop needs, the first thing we do is determine which ecommerce framework is the right one for the job. In many cases we recommend Shopify as it's good at doing most of what our customers need. However for bigger, more complex online shopping projects, WooCommerce is the best framework for fully customizable online shops.


It's built for WordPress.

WooCommerce is built on WordPress, making it very easy to use - especially if you already have a WordPress website and want to start selling online.

It's open source.

WooCommerce is open source which means you're not locked in to working with us - although we work hard to keep you as a client.

It's responsive.

WooCommerce is designed to make sure your online shop and products look as good on a desktop computer as they do on mobile phones.

It's scalable.

WooCommerce can scale with you as you grow - whether you're selling one product or thousands, it's no problem for WooCommerce.

It's customisable.

WooCommerce is highly customisable. We can custom design the theme, add extra functionality and extend your store by using third-party plugins or webhooks.

It's yours.

Keep the customer data in your control and independent of any third party ecommerce platform - it's a safer experience for you and your customers.


Best of all, WooCommerce is very user-friendly considering the powerful functionality that it offers. As it is based on the WordPress framework, managing your online shop should be a breeze.


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What do we actually do?

Whether you want a new WooCommerce store built from scratch, update the look and feel of an existing WooCommerce website, or want to migrate an existing online shop to WooCommerce, we can help.


Design + Development.

Connect with your audience using a custom designed, custom built WooCommerce website that is unique, intuitive and engaging on any device.

Plugin Integration.

WooCommerce is extendable and adaptable using plugins. We help to make the integration process feel seamless as possible.

Performance Optimisation.

Unlock growth and accelerate profits by fine-tuning the usability of the site and how your WooCommerce website converts customers.

WooCommerce Hosting.

We offer managed WooCommerce website hosting right here in Sydney, Australia. This ensures a secure, fast loading website for your local customers.


Why Choose Jimmyweb?

We are Australian WooCommerce developers. All of our work is custom designed and built, right here in Sydney, Australia (we don't outsource). We tend to avoid off-the-shelf bought WooCommerce themes and templates. We prefer to take the time to understand your business - to learn what is unique and special about your products or service.

We help you to enrich the customer experience and enhance the growth potential of your WooCommerce website by designing a stunning, mobile responsive website that is tailored to the unique requirements of your business.


Sydney's Best WooCommerce Designers

Sydney WooCommerce Designers + Developers.

We're experienced Sydney WooCommerce designers and developers, creating custom designed WooCommerce websites for years, with our team right here in Sydney, Australia. Our process is one of collaboration, working closely with each client to ensure we create the best possible WooCommerce website for their budget.

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How long does it take to build a WooCommerce site?
The time it takes to custom design and build a finished WooCommerce site from scratch can vary a lot, it really depends on the size and complexity of your site. A typical WooCommerce website usually takes around eight to twelve weeks from beginning to end. Some more custom and complex projects, like integrating with other systems, or websites that have complicated design or content requirements will take longer.

How to choose a WooCommerce development agency?
Often it depends on your need. Decide if you just require a WooCommerce developer, or a WooCommerce designer (they are different skillsets). Fortunately we have both designers and developers and experience at designing and building WooCommerce websites.

What payment gateways does WooCommerce integrate with?
We've worked with many payment gateways over the years, but the most common ones are Stripe, Paypal, Afterpay and eWay. We find that these payment gateways integrate well with WooCommerce and work with most major credit cards, however if you have another preference, please let us know.

Can WooCommerce affect how a site will rank?
We find that WooCommerce works well with SEO. There's a lot that influences how your website will rank in search engines - and that's a whole other question for an SEO Consultant. But a well thought through design, how the products and content are presented, and the speed of a website - these are just some of the things a good WooCommerce developer would think about when creating a custom designed WooCommerce website.