Furniture Shop Website Design – Inspiration

Furniture Shop Website Design – Inspiration

It’s now quite common to buy furniture online, and there is now greater competition between furniture shops selling online. Good website design can help a furniture company stand out from the competition and convert a visitor in to a buyer. Below are a few Australian furniture shop website designs that we think are well designed and can be good inspiration for your next online shop website design.

Good Furniture Shop Website Design.

The key things to consider with your furniture shop website are:

Good Usable Design.
One of the most important factors to creating a good furniture website design is good usability and good functionality. First and foremost it must be a user friendly and totally functional website. A good furniture website design should have plenty of clear space working with big, beautiful images – all with a layout that allows the text to have room to breathe.

Use Clear, Inspiring Photos.
The best furniture website designs make use of really good photography. Some websites use beautiful full-screen background photos and even video (I’m looking at you, King Furniture) to create an emotional connection. The product images should be clear and consistent – all the same size where possible, so nothing distracts from the furniture. The photos should be on a clear background or one that compliments the piece of furniture.

Create Easy Navigation.
A good furniture website design needs to have clear, easy to understand navigation. The products should be listed with terms (furniture categories) that visitors would understand. Where possible, the website should use a filtering system that gives the customer the best chance of finding what they want.

Use Social Proof.
Use online social proof to reassure the potential customer, by clearly displaying the number of Facebook likes and customer reviews you’ve received. Another way to make good use of social proof is by showing a recent last sale, with an unobtrusive display of items that have just sold.

That’s it, simple really. There are plenty of website designs that adhere to these best practices – and we can help improve your website to meet this competition. See examples of some great Australian furniture shop website designs below.

Australian Furniture Shop Website Design Inspiration.


Jardan Website Design


BluDot Website Design


Brosa Website Design

King Furniture

King Furniture Website Design


Tide Website Design


Space Website Design

Coco Republic

Coco Republic Website Design


Zanui Website Design


Nomi Website Design

Living Styles

Living Styles Website Design