How to sell more online

How to sell more online

When visitors to your website are undecided about buying from your online shop, it can often be caused by an impression made by your website. Follow a few (or all) of these simple tips to turn visitors in to customers and improve online shop conversions.

1. Add a frequently asked questions section to products.

Often customers have unanswered questions when visiting your online shop, which can lead to them simply abandoning the purchasing process and looking elsewhere. Including a list of frequently asked questions and answers directly on your product pages can help improve online shop conversions.

You can start by looking at some of the common questions you get in your inbox. Save some of the most frequent ones and then start writing answers for them. You can even make up your own questions if you think they might come up. This will also help reduce the amount of repetitive emails you receive, often asking variations of the same questions.

If you have many products on your website, consider adding an FAQ to the most popular products, the products which you receive the most questions about, or the products that need the most help to improve online shop conversions.

If your site is built with Shopify, adding FAQs to your products pages can be easy. Check out the Shopify App Store and search for ‘FAQ’.

2. Allow customer reviews.

If you’re Apple, you’re probably fine. But if a visitor has never heard of your business and lands on your product page for the first time, they’re often thinking of two things: “Can I trust this website?” and “Does this product deliver on what it promises?”.

Allowing customers to leave reviews on your product pages can help ease these fears and often helps to improve online shop conversions. It works in two ways; the reviews themselves can be reassuring, and the fact that the business allows reviews lets your visitors know you have nothing to hide. Reviews on your product pages also gives your store social proof. It not only shows that people are buying and using the product, but that they care enough about it to leave a review. Try to follow up with customers a few weeks after their purchase and ask them to leave an honest review.

3. Add some “real-life” images.

A good way to improve online shop conversions is to add some “real-life” images that gives your products some context. For example, showcasing multiple angled images of a bag is good, but showcasing images of that same bag in practical use-case scenarios (how many things can fit in there) can minimize uncertainties and doubt. Also, retailers get to upsell other items that pair well with the product!

If possible, try to encourage your customers to participate, by sending or uploading their photos of your products. This again has the added benefit that it gives your store social proof. Even if it is as simple as tagging your products on social media.

4. Offer a clear “money back guarantee”.

What’s your return policy? What’s your customer satisfaction policy? Is it hidden away on a separate page for no one to see?

Proudly display your money back guarantee and policy on your product page. If you’re willing to promise your customers that your product is the best, show it. If you put the risk on yourself, and give visitors more confidence, they’ll be more likely to trust you and in turn, purchase your products.

5. More choice requires good filters.

The more choice you give people, the harder it is to choose something.

If you have a lot of products, in a huge variety of collections, then it’s a good idea to use filters. The role of the filter is to make finding most suitable products easy.

6. Use clean, uncluttered web design.

And this is where we come in. To really improve online shop conversions, make sure you have a clean, uncluttered website design – one that focuses the visitor’s attention on the product, one that doesn’t distract the visitor from the reason they’re there in the first place.

When someone visits your online store, it should be very obvious what you sell. The best way to do this it to keep your store design clean and professional, with lots of large, high-quality images. A busy, cluttered design distracts shoppers from what you want them to do: view and ultimately buy your products.

If you need help to improve online shop conversions on your website, please get in touch.