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We are an experienced web design and development company in Sydney, Australia. Established in 2003, we've been building beautiful custom websites and helping businesses grow online for over 20 years - some of our clients have been with us since the beginning of our journey.

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Website Design + Development

We've worked on a broad mix of Australian web design and development projects, from the travel industry, fashion and retail, the legal profession, the construction industry, to hospitality and more.

Our Client Mix

  • Travel

  • Fashion

  • Retail

  • Other

Our Work

  • Website Design

  • Online Shop Development

  • Web Application Development

  • Web Development


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We've supported clients of every shape and size across Australia, producing exceptional creative work and outstanding results. See what some of our clients say - about what it's like to partner with us.


Tessuti Fabrics

Client Since: 2007
Visit: Tessuti Fabrics

EST 10 Recruitment

Client Since: 2021
Visit: EST 10

Mark Carter

Client Since: 2009
Visit: Mark Carter

Olympia Massage Chairs

Client Since: 2022
Visit: Olympia Massage Chairs


Digital experiences that inspire and engage your customers, moving hearts - and the needle.

We create + develop premium user experiences for web + mobile. As a leading Sydney digital agency, we mix art, technology and analytics to create an outcome that builds strong relationships between your brand and your customers, helping your business get more online leads and sales.

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Caska IP
Caska IP

Sydney IP Law Firm

Lupo Bianco
Lupo Bianco

Custom Tailored Suits


What we do

Web Designer Services

Website Design

We create unique hand-crafted custom website design solutions to help position your business and brand and build your online presence to its full potential.
Website Design

Travel Website Design

We specialise in the travel and tourism industry, building a competitive advantage with a unique solution to differentiate your travel service.
Travel Website Design

Fashion Website Design

We've worked with some great fashion clients in recent years years, to bring some of Australia's best new fashion designers and brands online.
Fashion Website Design

Ecommerce Services

Online Shop Development

We know what it takes to create a store that looks great, is easy to manage and converts browsers into buyers.
Online Shop Design

Shopify Development

We are experienced at designing and building Shopify ecommerce websites, a dynamic system that makes it easy manage a successful online shop.
Shopify Design

WooCommerce Development

We can help you reach more customers by creating a unique WooCommerce Ecommerce solution, where you control all aspects of your online store.
WooCommerce Design

Web Developer Services

Web Development

We deliver high quality, innovative and cost effective web development solutions utilizing the latest technologies and design concepts.
Web Development

PHP Development

We offer advanced PHP development and consulting services right here in Sydney to help you with any project.
PHP Development

WordPress Development

WordPress is a great blogging platform that can also be used as a CMS. We can design unique WordPress templates for simple websites and blogs.
WordPress Development

Content Management Systems

Our content management systems are developed around a common framework and then customized exactly to the needs of individual clients.
Content Management Systems

Symfony Web Development

We are experienced Symfony developers, a PHP framework that significantly reduces the amount of repetitive code which normally exist in large web applications.
Symfony Web Development

Wordpress Speed Optimisation

We can help you get the most out of your Wordpress website (and reduce your bandwidth costs) by optimizing your Wordpress website to be delivered more efficiently.
Wordpress Speed Optimisation

Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimisation

Our search engine optimisation service involves analysing and enhancing your website’s underlying code, architecture, navigation, and visible content.
Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Marketing

Starting with Keyword Research and Paid Search our search engine marketing services are available to direct instant traffic to your website.
Search Engine Marketing

Email Campaign Marketing

We can design and develop an email marketing campaign and provide you with a campaign management system to allow you to monitor its success.
Email Campaign Marketing

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Jimmyweb Web Design
Suite 607, 83 York Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: 02 8999 3343
4.9 rating from 26 reviews on Google.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Are We A Match?

We would love the opportunity to work with you, but we understand that you may have some additional questions. This quick Q&A covers a lot of the commonly asked questions. However, if you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Why choose Jimmyweb?

We're a team of experienced web designers and developers in the heart of the Sydney that enjoy turning ideas into websites, and websites into successful online businesses. We are known as one of Australia’s leading WordPress design and development agencies. Our digital agency is in Sydney, but we work with clients from all over Australia, across a wide variety of industries.

We don't just create good websites, we aim to be Sydney's best website designers - obsessed with creating standards compliant, search friendly websites that get attention, are memorable and amplify the brand, drive traffic, generate leads and increase sales. We are passionate about helping our clients present the best version of themselves. We set out to increase our clients website traffic and enquiries with a site they can be proud of.

Get in touch to find out more about why we do what we do and how we do it.

Do you design and develop websites in Sydney?

Yes. Our Australian web design agency is located in Sydney - all of our work is kept in house (we never outsource, ever). Our complete website process is delivered by our Sydney team of designers and developers, and you will get to know them all personally through the project.

Why choose a website designer near me?

There are many good reasons to choose a local web designer to work on your website project. Local knowlegde and understanding of your business and marketplace, ease of communication, the option for face-to-face contact with a web designer nearby, working in the same time zone - all of these elements make for a stress-free process that lead to a sucessful outcome.

People often choose to work with a web developer nearby, so that they can have better oversight as the project evolves. And you need to be aware that when you look for a web agency near me, that there are many digital agencies that might have an office locally, that offshore all of their development work.

We're not like that.

We are a local design and development agency, with web design and development talent in house, and we don't outsource or offshore our work. We like our clients too much for that. If you're looking for "top website designers near me", or a "web developer near me", we meet the criteria. That shouldn't be the only criteria, but we understand it is an important one to many of our clients.

What does a custom website design company like Jimmyweb do?

A custom website design agency creates and develops websites that are personalised to the client's specific needs in order to create a digital presence for brands with the purpose of increasing recognition, engaging visitors, and generating leads or sales.

As a boutique Sydney web design agency (starting originally as freelance web designers and developers), we're known for being down-to-earth and straight-talking, and easy to work with. Once the website is deployed, clients can continue to have a direct connection with their web developer which streamlines the process of rolling out new features. We find clients really like this personal, direct approach.

What is your web design process?

Our tried and tested process typically starts with an onboarding meeting either face to face or via Zoom or a call, where we aim to learn about the website objectives for both the Client and their customers, the competitive landscape, and to identify what a successful outcome looks like.

From there, our design team conduct their own website research and look to finalise the UI/UX, the site structure, web user flows and then proceed to the low-fidelity website design. Once finalised, we roll-out the website in high-fidelity and upon approval, move to web development phase.

Clients can expect regular communication with the team, and ultimately, we try to make ourselves as available as possible while still leaving room for us to make meaningful progress on our client's projects

You can learn more about our process by visiting some of our in-depth web design case studies.

Can you work with my existing marketing team?

Absolutely. Our web development team frequently collaborates with internal or external digital marketing teams. Throughout the course of a project, we frequently assist these teams in creating a better structural foundation for SEO, establishing smarter segmentation, and improving goal- and event-tracking.

Following the launch, we can work with your marketing team to create new landing pages, add new website sections, and roll out new custom website functionality.

How long does it take to build a custom website?

The time it takes to create a website can vary dependent on the type of website (for example, is it an information/services site, or is in an ecommerce website?) and its complexity. We custom design and custom build websites as each client is unique with different requirements. These requirements are assesed to determine the budget and timeframe for delivery. But as a rough guide...

How long does it take to build a Wordpress website?

On average, a smaller 5-10 page custom designed brochure site built on the Wordpress CMS typically takes around 4-6 weeks. More complex Wordpress websites with a broad range of business integrations can take up to several months.

How long does it take to build an eCommerce website?

A standard eCommerce website built on Shopify can be created in 3-6 weeks with good preparation (and an organized client!). More customised Shopify sites with more complex integrations can take longer to build and deploy. Payment gateways, shipping methods, product descriptions, and product photos must all be planned out for the seamless launch of an eCommerce website.

How much does it cost to build a website?

Just like the question above, this can vary depending on sereval aspects of the project, such as how big the website is (number of pages) and the features and functionality that is included in the website. Contact us today for a obligation-free quote based on your unique requirements.

What size and type of companies do you work with?

As a Sydney-based web design and digital marketing agency, we have extensive experience delivering incredible results for companies of all sizes and industries, including kick-ass start-ups and sole-traders. We are small business web design experts, as well as having worked with much larger enterprise clients across a multitude of sectors.

We are very experienced at delivering websites for the travel, tourism and hospitality industries.

We have also worked for many years creating fashion websites, online stores and retail websites, working with professional services such as accountants, recruitment firms, HR, real estate and lawyers, and creating high-perfoming websites for tradies and construction companies.

To get a better sense of our wide range of web design projects, please see our portfolio of previous work.

Should I hire a web designer or do it myself?

Websites are a crucial component of every modern business, so it's critical that you create a high-quality website, that is optimised to perform well, a website that creates a sense of trust around your brand.

We recommend hiring a professional website designer because this ensures that all necessary features are covered. This may not be possible if you do your own website design because each area requires a high level of skill and experience. If you work with the best web developers and designers, you are more likely to get a better performing website that will work hard for your business.

What platforms do you use to build a website?

At Jimmyweb, we use a few different platforms, depending on the type of project, and the unique requirements of each client


For most sites, we use WordPress. WordPress allows us to create websites for a variety of budgets, it has a wide range of plugins that allow for site growth, it allows for great SEO optimisation, and our team can provide outstanding ongoing support.

For eCommerce sites, we use Shopify for the vast majority of sites, and wooCommerce for bigger, more complex shops.

For complex sites and applications, we build on the Symfony framework and Laravel.

What are the benefits of using WordPress as opposed to the do-it-yourself online site builders?

WordPress offers greater flexibility and functionality. It's a sophisticated platform that enables for more customisation and is powerful enough to be extended to do more. Website builders and page builders do not allow you to easily move beyond their offered templates and can be functionally constrained. WordPress, on the other hand, when built by a good developer that has a good understanding of coding, will allow you to create a website that is customised to fit your unique requirements.

How often should my website be updated?

A dated site can deminish trust in your messaging, and leave your business lagging behind your competitors. When digital trends change, this is strong indicator it's time to upgrade.

Websites should be updated in line with the expansion of an organization. The website should grow and change in conjunction with your business. It is critical to compare your website to those of your competitors to ensure that it is compatible and up to date with industry standards.

3-5 years would be an expected lifespan of a website, however it is possible to extend this by refreshing the design (an evolution, rather than a revolution), imagery and content, all without undertaking a major redesign (depending how well the existing site has been built).

Should I redesign my existing website?

Redesigning your website is an important aspect of growing your business. It's critical to keep your website's content up to date and relevant to your customers.

The process typically starts with a review of existing performance and determining what works and what doesn't. This may include visual updates, new capabilities, SEO techniques, design components, and user experience.

Will my website work on mobile devices?

Definitely, all of our websites are responsive in design meaning they are mobile-friendly and work on all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. As one of the best web development companies in Sydney, we build websites the right way, and aim to deliver websites that power your business, long into the future.

Are websites still relevant in 2024?

While the future of websites will be interesting, for now and in 2024 in particular, websites are more relevant than ever. Nothing beats a well-design website that is packed full of unique rich content that is focused on conversions. While social media is a great source of traffic, there is nothing as powerful as driving traffic to your own website to capture leads and sales, and then retaining the customer when they return to your website.

If designed and built correctly, your website has the power to drive a lot of search engine traffic. A good website will be a powerful lead generation machine. It validates your brand, and positions you as the leader in your market (rather than just being a player on some other platform). When setup correctly, a great website has the power to elevate your business.

The best website designers should be able to create a website that is a marketing machine for any business, and your website should be a valued investment in 2024 – however big or small.

Do you provide website hosting?

Yes. Along with website design and development services, we provide site-speed optimisation and managed web hosting services for our clients. Our managed hosting service allows us to ensure that your website is operating at peak performance - continuing to provide a great user-experience for your customers, long after your site has gone live.

Will you teach me how to update my website?

Yes. We use a content management systems such as WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify. Part of the project delivery is to get you comfortable with your new website quickly and make sure you're able to update content on your brand new website, by the time the site goes live.

Do you provide ongoing website maintenance?

Absolutely, your website’s security and health are critical to its overall performance, so we're here to provide on-going support services after the website is deployed - with no nasty lock-in contracts. We can also help with reactive website improvements such as creating new landing pages or introducing new features.

If you need our help, simply call or email and we can step in and help you with your website to ensure it is running at optimal performance. It's all just part of the excellent web design and development service.

We also code for agencies

Are you a public relations, communications or design agency?
Do you need a reliable development team in Sydney to
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We'd love to work with you.

"I really appreciate beautiful website Ken and his team have built for ArtSup and for all the care you poured into our business."

− Jo + Andrew, Artsup

"Ken is an absolute legend. He is so generous with his time and gives a lot of helpful advice throughout the way. Cannot thank him enough and will definitely recommend. Would give more than 5 stars if I could."

− Brandon, Lupo Bianco Suits

"We just want to thank you for all your work and persistence and for doing such an amazing job. You guys are absolutely brilliant to work with! Thank you so much."

− Michelle + Derek, On Snow

"The Jimmyweb guys are generous with their time and their ideas, they are clearly very passionate about what they do and I would definitely recommend them"

− Colette + Greg, Tessuti Fabrics

"Jimmyweb did a great job designing and building our website. They made it seem easy, guiding us through the process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for the best web designers in Sydney"

− Paul + Grace, Great Barrier Reef

"Jimmyweb are a great digital agency, they did a great job with our website"

She Shops 365

"Highly recommend the team at Jimmyweb. They have been great providing consitently reliable services and are down to earth and easy to deal with."

− Max, Grand Dental Blue Mountains Dental Clinic