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Family First Credit Union is a local Australian grass-roots financial co-operative that has contributed to the lifestyle of its members, providing a secure place for savings and a source of sensible borrowing.


We designed, developed, and delivered an engaging digital solution for Family First Credit Union, one of Australia’s leading community banks.

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Project: Wordpress Website

Sector: Professional ServicesFinancial Services

The Strategy

Kicking off this project, we started with a Discovery phase – to gain a better understanding of the challenges and desired outcomes for the two distinct user groups: The customers, and the Client.

What did we do?

  • Discovery + Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Responsive Mobile-Ready
  • API Integration
  • CMS Customisation
  • Speed Optimisation


Our conversations uncovered the main frustrations with the previous website, as well as possible opportunities, and helped us outline the goals that would drive the redesign. The stakeholders were interested in improving four key areas of the website:

  • Modernise the design – to improve usability and trust for the customer
  • Ensure a satisfying mobile experience
  • Enable the customer to easily find relevant information
  • Allow the client to easily manage and maintain content within the site

We proposed creating a well-designed, logical layout system, that would be visually appealing to the customer, and empowered the client with flexibility and configurability from the outset.

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UX/UI Prototyping

During the UX strategy phase, we designed the site architecture and created a series of wireframes that served as “blueprints” for the site layout and allowed us to quickly test ideas to make sure we were optimising the client and customer user experience.


The Style

We leaned into many of the existing branding elements – required to maintain consistency with other marketing collateral – while developing a design language for the website that is friendly, modern, and most importantly –
unobtrusive and easy to use.

We established a colour hierarchy with a strong use of the key branding colours – the blues, green and yellow accents, which feel fresh and welcoming. The new typography and iconography combinations are youthful, friendly,
and modern, which evoke their ambitions of strong community.



Colour Palette

Branding Devices


The Substance

When you look at the Family First website, you won’t notice all the heavy lifting going on in the back end. While the site is effortless for customers to browse on any device, just as importantly – it’s now easier to manage.

Intelligent Content Blocks

Our biggest challenge was building a system that made it easy for the client to manage the content, allowing them content layout flexibility while still maintaining consistency in the design.

By using content blocks, we gave the team at Family First complete control over the layout of content; choosing one of the various header blocks, selecting the right content blocks to suit the content (rather than reformatting content to fit a layout),
being able to move a call-to-action button. All of this is now amazingly easy to manage.

Mobile-Friendly Design Experience

The design needed a seamless mobile experience, to allow customers to easily find content on the go. so we crafted the site to have a mobile friendly user experience from the outset.


The new Family First Credit Union website has been significantly redesigned to now have a stronger user experience, a modern friendly look and feel, with an overall improved content flow.

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Bringing It All Together

Family First chose us because they recognised our passion for creating quality websites and liked what they saw from our design portfolio. We were able to give them back their independence, to be able to manage and control
their website without us – but we are always there to help.

What We Loved

A point of pride for us is that the new Family First website has a much better user experience, the vast amount of information about their services is balanced through visuals and consistent sections that can easily be skimmed
and scanned to get to the points that matter. There are new page components for related content and covenient calls-to-action.

The design is just cleaner now. The website now has much clearer visitor paths for potential and existing members.

What They Loved

For the client, being able to easily manage a broad range of content across multiple instances throughout the site was the piority. Making this work was no small feat, we did a deep dive into the content structure and identified
how the client would use the site – and simplified everything.

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