How to sell digital downloads online

How to sell digital downloads online

If you already have an online shop selling products, it makes sense (if possible) to also sell digital downloads, as many customers are moving towards accepting the concept of buying digital goods online.

Digital downloads work great for everything from e-books, PDFs, webinars, tutorials, templates, photographs and any other type of downloadable file. Selling digital downloads can broaden your product range, aid your sales of your existing products and open you up to new customers.

Customers would rather pay for digital products and immediately download them rather then wait for a shipment. This provides instant gratification for your customers and eliminates some of the headaches involved in shipping orders for you.

One of the best digital downloads you can sell would be classes, webinars or tutorials (be it video, audio or PDF) – a way of teaching your customers get more out of your existing product range.


How to sell digital downloads online with Shopify.

If you want to use Shopify to sell digital downloads, there are a few great Shopify apps that make it easy. These Shopify apps include some very useful features like automatic delivery of download links, the ability to bundle multiple files as a single product, serial number and license provisioning, piracy prevention, and more.

We’ve had a few clients use FetchApp, with great results. If you want to control how many times a product can be downloaded, or the amount of time a download link works, then you have to check out FetchApp. The FetchApp application not only allows you to control when a download link expires, but it also supports products with multiple files, enabling you to bundle items together.

FetchApp also allows larger files to be split into multiple smaller files, so you can sell a single product in multiple parts. This seems to be the app that we recommend time and time again. Our clients seem to like it.

Sky Pilot
With Sky Pilot you can sell digital items like PDF files, movies, and images which your customers can access either by downloading or viewing in your store.  This Shopify app for digital products includes a fully customizable download/view/stream page which you can tweak to match the look and needs of your online store.

Digital Downloads
This Shopify app for selling digital goods provides paying customers with instant access to the intangible items they’ve purchased, and it will also automatically notify people when an item has been updated. Digital Downloads allows you to sell digital items with file sizes of 5GB or less, and it also includes a dashboard to help you track the number of times each of your products has been downloaded.

Like other Shopify apps for digital products, Downtown helps automate the process of selling intangible items, but it also provides a number features to help prevent piracy.  Downtown will stamp PDF and ePub books with customer names, dates, and order numbers, automatically provision serial numbers for software, and prevent people from sharing download links with others, helping to ensure only paying customers get access to your items.