Sydney search engine optimisation.

Are you looking to grow your business? Search engine optimisation can help. We provide a broad range of search engine optimisation services in Sydney (we don't off-shore the work) including: initial website audits and reporting, on-site and off-site optimisation, ethical link building and long-term SEO strategies.


Increase Exposure.

We give your business' new or existing website greater exposure by showing up higher in search engines for more search terms.

Get New Customers.

We bring more potential qualified customers to your website, using keywords and phrases that have been thoroughly tested and analyzed .

Increase Your Revenue.

We make the most of all that new traffic and help you to grow your revenue by optimising the on-site content and work flow for the highest possible conversions.

Improve Lifetime Value.

We improve the user experience of the website for your customers, increasing the likelihood that they will return - growing the lifetime value of your customers.


How did you find us just now?
Chances are you searched for 'Sydney SEO Consultant', 'Sydney SEO Expert' or 'Sydney Website Design'. These are some of the toughest keywords to rank for in Sydney as every SEO agency and web designer in town is fighting to rank well for these terms. It's proof that whoever ranks near the top must know a little something about this industry.

We are SEO consultants specialising in developing and executing web and SEO strategies to help improve your website's rank in search engines. Whether you're looking to drive traffic to a new website, get more visitors to your existing website, or improve the conversion rate of traffic already visiting your website, we can customise a solution to help your online business' exposure grow.


What does an SEO Consultant do?

Every business is different, so we start by taking the time to understand the unique position of your business.


Market Research.

The first thing we do is analyse the competition, industry and the marketplace. We then evaluate suitable keywords and phrases that will help your website rank better.

Site Analysis.

We check your existing website for any errors and audit your website to make sure you're following best practices so that it can be found by search engines.

Initial Report.

From the research and analysis, we put together a report outlining the current state of your website, along with any recommendations and strategies to optimise the site.

On-site SEO.

Audit your site by changing titles, keywords, meta descriptions, headings, content etc by following the SEO guidelines set out in the initial report.

Content Strategy.

We help you to craft your message with SEO in mind along with a future content strategy to scale your SEO growth to bring more traffic to your website.

Off-site Optimisation.

Off-site Optimisation is a critical element of effective SEO. We help you to find new links and get the most out of the ones you already have.

Site Speed optimisation.

Everyone likes a fast site, including Google. So we analyse the website and server speed and fix any speed issues that may be slowing down the site.

Sitemap Creation + Submission

We create a sitemap for your site and submit it to Google. This makes it easier for the search engine bots to understand how your site data flows.

Review, Report, Repeat

Each month we review the effects of the changes and report on the outcomes. We then implement further improvements as per the original SEO strategy.


We do more, but the 'what we do' question really depends on the type of client you are. For example, if you're a local business (like a plumber or an accountant), or an online shop or an international tourism operation; or you have a small website or a larger one can determine the type of strategies we would recommend.


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Frequently Asked SEO Questions

What is search engine optimisation?

So if you're new to having a website, this is a very reasonable question. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimizing the structure, layout, content and code of your site to maximize the visibility of your site in free Search Engine Listings (sometimes referred to as “Organic Listings”). A large percentage of web users search for products and services using search engines.

Why use an SEO Consultant?

If your site does not appear on the first page of results for important search terms, you are missing out on a slice of the pie. Sometimes only a few relatively minor changes need to be made to the structure and/or code of your site to quickly increase the amount of search engine traffic visiting your site. However is can be more complex than that as there are off-site optimisation opportunities to consider, and some websites can require a lot more work.

Can I do my own SEO?

You're not the first person to ask, "Can I learn SEO on my own?", and you absolutely can.

If you run a small local business, you can probably do much of the Local SEO work yourself. It's quite a learning curve, but if you have the time, it can be done. There are plenty of free resources online and "do it yourself SEO tools" that can help you with learning how to manage your own SEO.

And if you are a small business or a start-up (and you're not in a rush to see results), it's perhaps even a good idea to try to do it yourself before you hire an SEO company, as it will give you a basic understanding and appreciation of how complex search engine optimisation can be.

Apart from the obvious time cost (the time to learn how to do your own SEO, and the opportunity cost while learning) you may also end up spending money paying for various SEO tools - tools that SEO consultants and agencies use day to day.

These tools help you to better understand the SEO opportunities, research keywords, and monitor your results along with your competitors, however their monthly costs can add up, quite quickly. For an SEO agency, the cost of these tools are spread across all of the clients and are just part of doing the job efficiently.

What you get with an SEO consultant is years of training and experience at a digital agency, learning from their peers, understanding the do's and don'ts with search engines, access to the tools and reporting, along with having developed tried and tested strategies that can save you a lot of time (and potentially save you from making serious mistakes).

Remember that it will take time for you to see results: typically, from 3 - 12 months from the time you begin making changes until you start to see serious benefits (more on that below). If you think that you still need extra help from a professional, please get in touch.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

It is hard to say exactly how long it will take as each SEO strategy is unique, and is effected by various factors like the amount of competition, the quality of the website, etc.

Generally, we notice a movement in positions within 1- 3 months from the start of the SEO campaign, followed by an increase in ranking in 4-6 months to really move the needle. That can feel like a long time, but you'll celebrate the milestones along the way, and reap the benefits long into the future.

If you are in a highly competitive environment then be prepared to wait a little longer to see significant improvement. Planning for a 12 month SEO strategy allows for continual monitoring and ongoing growth (SEO strategies are generally cumulative, building over time).

What is an SEO Agency?

The primary purpose of an SEO agency is to help businesses increase the amount of website traffic they receive organically (free traffic) from search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. When done well, sites will rank higher, and convert more traffic.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM (eg. Google Ads)?

Both SEO and Google Ads are marketing strategies that involve search engines and keyword usage that you can engage in to attract web visitors, increase leads, and boost your sales. However, there are several differences between the two, and your choice of which technique to use will depend on your overall marketing goals.

1. Cost: Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an organic way to rank your website on top of search engine results page. With some website modifications, content optimisation, and technical tweaks, you can dominate Google without spending a lot of your marketing budget. Meanwhile, Google Ads require budget spend because you will have to bid on keywords, buy placements, and pay on every click you get on your ads. It definitely costs more than engaging with SEO.

2. Results: When done properly and maintained regularly, your SEO campaign can drive long-term results. This means, all the time and effort that you’re exerting today in optimising your website will not be wasted and will bring in traffic even after years to come. On the other hand, the increase in traffic, visits, and conversions brought by Google Ads are just short term. As long as you’re funding your AdWords campaigns, you will be getting good results. But, as soon as you turn them off, all metrics will go down again.

3. Traffic: When your website ranks organically on top of Google search results from an effective SEO campaign, you can expect a huge volume of traffic to come in, with a daily increase as long as it maintains its good position. Additionally, the more web pages you rank, the bigger the volume of traffic you’ll be getting. With Google Ads, they will only generate traffic for the duration of the campaign.

While Google AdWords provides faster results and instant placement of your website on top of Google search results (under Sponsored links), it can be really costly and the results are not lasting. With search engine optimisation, you can guarantee excellent results that can last for years!

How can SEO marketing help grow my business?

Search engine optimisation is a cost-effective marketing technique that provides many benefits, helping website owners grow and scale their business. When done properly and strategically, SEO can help you dominate search engines where in your website will show up on top of search results; thereby, attracting web users to click on your website, learn more about your brand, and avail of your products or services. Here are some of the ways SEO can help you grow your business:

SEO increases website traffic.
The higher your website is positioned on search results, the more clicks it will get from web users using the search engine. And more clicks mean increased traffic on your website. This traffic can be translated to leads, paying customers, and even loyal followers who will keep coming back to your website or refer your business to their friends.

SEO helps generate leads.
Do you need more subscribers to sign up to your coaching session? Are you trying to grow your email list? If you are struggling with acquiring leads, SEO can definitely help. Stop wasting your marketing budget paying for leads that are not within your niche or do not have any interest about your company or brand at all.

If your website is optimised for search engine, you can be sure that people typing your target keyword on Google already have the interest and intent to transact with your business. This is how search engine optimisation helps bring in leads straight to your website.

How can SEO help my website generate more revenue?

The benefits of engaging in search engine optimisation is more than just bringing your website organically on top of search engine results for wider reach, better visibility, and increased clicks. More than this, SEO can help you acquire new leads, get more orders and sales, and boost your business.

Cost-effective return on investment.
SEO is one of the most cost-effective and promising digital marketing strategies that, when setup and implemented correctly, can continue to pay dividends over a long period of time. By driving more traffic to your website, SEO gives you more opportunities to convert leads into customers, build relationship with them, establish trust and loyalty, and eventually increase your revenue. The time and effort you invest in performing SEO techniques and practices will bring in a much higher return over time.

Is SEO still relevant in 2024?

Yes, organic search should still an important marketing channel for your business in 2024. If you're not visible and ranking for relevant keywords, then your audience won't find you, and location-based SEO is even more relevant in 2024. SEO should be a marketing investment for any business in 2024 – however big or small.

What is the average cost of SEO services in Australia in 2024?

SEO strategies for each business are different depending on the industry, the competition, and the website's foundation, and hence the cost can vary, however a typical SEO retainer in Australia ranges from around $1,000 to $3,000+ per month. If you are in a highly competitive industry then you may expect to pay more to implement intelligent strategies to out-perform your competitors.


How do SEO consultants work?


The Long Game.

While you can pay to be listed on search results pages (known as SEM/PPC/Google Ads), this can become expensive. Search engine optimisation is the long game where we can tackle the easiest problems first, and then combine on-page and technical optimisation with longer term strategies to improve your natural organic listings.

The SEO Strategy.

It takes experience, skill and hard work to develop the right SEO strategy and no consultant will reveal their exact strategy without some research first. Each client and each industry are different so the SEO consultant would first need to review your website and your competitors to define a unique strategy suitable for your website.

Ranking For A Certain Keyword.

The idea is not necessarily to rank for a certain keyword. The goal is for us to do the research and find the best possible keywords for your website that will bring in the most traffic that converts. All inbound traffic is analysed to see what works. There's no point focusing limited resources and energy on keywords that lead to nothing.

Client Engagement.

The consultant will work best if they have an intimate understanding of how your business works. They will proactively be giving suggestions as the weeks and months progress. You might be expected to make structural and content changes within the website, adjust your linking strategies, or supply new content for new pages.

A Team Effort.

Your consultant will provide technical SEO advice and then work with the website designer and developer to implement on-site fixes, content improvements, speed and server improvements (Google likes fast websites), local SEO optimisations and focus on other targeted areas that matter most to your unique business.

Regular Updates/Reports.

Part of the client engagement is for the consultant to provide updates and reports regularly to the client. The initial report outlines where the website sits at the start of the process. New reports will generally show incremental changes over time that help shape the SEO strategy going forward.


The best part of this job is presenting a solid SEO strategy to a client and seeing them have that "ah-ha!" moment, and saying "I get it, let's go!"


How to enagage an SEO consultant.

These may seem obvious to some, but the number of times we've had clients come to us having had negative experiences with backward SEO sharks - it's worth a mention.


Don't Respond To SEO Spammers.

You shouldn't trust (or engage) an SEO Consultant/Agency that emails you out of the blue. Most of these so-called SEO Experts that send you an email offering to fix your SEO are just mass spammers that have picked up your email address from somewhere. For them it's a numbers game - spam as many people as possible in the hope they pick up a client. Then they do the bare minimum until the client realizes they've been duped.

Don't Believe The "Guarantee".

A dodgy (or desperate) SEO expert might try to "Guarantee" you a number one spot on Google. Put simply - avoid them, they’re just lying to you. No honest SEO professional would suggest this. A good SEO strategy is far more complex and nuanced than this. Understanding the competition, what converts, and other opportunities can often be just as valuable as ranking number one. Number one is good - it just can't be guaranteed.

No Such Thing As Instant Results.

A good SEO strategy takes time. Search engine optimisation requires on-site improvements and off-site strategies that incrementally improve your website's exposure organically over time. You should typically allow at least 6-12 months to implement this strategy - once you see positive results you will likely want to do more! An SEO strategy should be natural, rushing this may get you penalized by Google.

More Than Just On-site SEO.

If an SEO expert says that all your on-site SEO needs is to change the page titles and meta tags, and that all your buttons should be green (an old Conversion optimisation trope), then that SEO guru either doesn't know what they're doing or they're only going to do the bare minimum. Either way, they should be avoided. Page titles and meta tags are an important part of any SEO strategy, but that's just the start.


How To Find The Best SEO Agency?

By doing your own research you can find the best SEO agency or consultant in Sydney - one that is the right fit for your business, in your industry. We can show you examples of our work, our experiences, and we can explain the benefits that we've given to our clients (and you can search those clients to see the results firsthand!). Get in touch to boost your website in organic search results.


Website speed affects SEO.

If you've made it this far down the page - well done! One strong free piece of advice is that you should consider the speed of your website.

Apart from it just being a nice user experience to visit a fast-loading website, Google cares about the speed of your website - its part of their algorithm. All other SEO matters being equal between you and your competitors, if your website loads faster, you should rank higher in the organic search results (again, all other things being equal).

We can help you to improve your page load times. As part of our server tuning and speed optimisation service, we can run a test and it may be possible to make some key changes to the underlying code structure and make some real improvements to your load times. We also recommend using our managed website hosting - its a fast service located in the Sydney data centre (which makes it great for local businesses, needing a fast website to reach local customers).


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