Web Design For Travel + Tourism.

It's 2024 and the web is now the primary medium for travellers to research and make their purchasing decisions. Whether you're promoting a destination, tour, accommodation or a travel experience, great travel web design that stands out amongst your competitors is essential for generating wider interest.

We can identify and incorporate your key competitive advantages into high quality web design and optimize your new travel website to be competitive in search engines. We will ensure your web presence is tailored to reflect your brand, image and unique qualities of the experience.

We have worked with some great travel clients and leading tourism operators over the years, to bring some of Australia's best travel experiences online. Whether your travel company is large and established, or just starting out, we can build a website that gets noticed.


We look forward to growing your brand's online visibility. We want to craft a unique brand identity with an engaging web design for travel and tourism companies that appeal to their clients' hearts and inner adventurers.

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Luxury Lodges of Australia.

Luxury Lodges of Australia is a collection of independent luxury lodges and camps offering unforgettable travel experiences in Australia's most inspiring and extraordinary locations. Never before has Australia had a critical mass of experience-based luxury properties to appeal to upscale global travellers and adventure seekers.

We have been working with Luxury Lodges of Australia for over 5 years and recently completed another major redesign of their website.

Luxury Lodges of Australia

Designed for the Travel Sector.

Traveling is always an exciting adventure that requires a lot of preparation. Potential clients appreciate a well-organized business that can offer them guidance, logistics, and simple solutions to their accommodation and travel. That is why website design for tour operators and hotels is so crucial. You want a website that provides clients with all the details they need, that is fully mobile responsive, quick to load, and highly engaging.

Generate traffic for your cafe, bar or restaurant

Location Based Focus.

At Jimmyweb, our experts leverage your location data to elevate your business among the competition. After all, where you operate is critical to tourists finding your accommodation or activities. If you are on the sunny Gold Coast, it only makes sense to promote the region you're in and what you have to offer that sets you apart. That is why we use local, on-page, and targeted SEO keywords to ensure a higher possible page rank on popular search engines.

Grow your hospitality brand

Tell Your Unique Story.

Guests and tourists come to your business because you offer a glimpse of the local culture. They are already primed to believe an engaging story about how your hotel began as a small one-room endeavor above the local diner or how your thrilling after-hours ghost tour hits all the city's favorite spots. That is why our website design team will extend your story into the online space to attract more visitors and continue your brand identity.

Keeping It Fresh.

Our travel web design features include an easy-to-use Content Management System so your team can quickly modify special events or add/remove details of your daily tours. We also work with your business to ensure your calendar and reservations system integrates smoothly into the website design. The better you can maintain online service quality to your clients, the more we know we are succeeding in our work.

Track Your Success.

We understand that running a successful hotel chain, travel guide, cruise company, or tour program requires predicting the number of interested guests. Utilize integrated data measurement tools that offer valuable insights into the number of people visiting your website, what they are viewing the most, and how often they come back to specific pieces of information. Empower your team to prepare for the busy season.


Inspiring Web Design.

We know exactly how it feels to work with VIP clients, that need a little more extra care when they stay at your location or enjoy your tourism operation. That is why we treat our clients with the same attention to detail and quality of service you provide. We create bespoke designs to meet your dynamic challenges.


Competitive Exposure.

The travel and tourism industry relies upon guests visiting their specific regions. Making sure your website has an engaging design and includes local content is the best way for you to get noticed. We want to celebrate what makes your travel and tourism business unique, so that you are plugged into local search through your online presence.

Engaging Website Experience.

Whether you are just starting out giving tours of local attractions in your region, operating a small bed and breakfast, a boutique logde looking to reposition into the luxe market, or a veteran hotel chain opening a brand new boutique location in Sydney, Australia, we have the perfect travel and tourism website design to fit your specific needs.


We want to extend your brand's comfort and unique qualities using the latest technology and trends so that your customers can quickly discover all you have to offer.


How Do We Help Tourism Clients?

Put simply, we create custom designed websites to fit your particular challenges and customer relationship. We leverage our wealth of tourism industry knowledge to enhance your online presence with a highly engaging website that reflects your brand and services in an eloquently simple way your patrons will appreciate.


Mobile Friendly.

Many potential customers searching for accommodation and tourism activities are doing so on their mobile devices. That means you need a mobile-friendly experience built with a fully responsive website that is clearly workable for your travel clients regardless of screen size.

Adaptable CMS.

Holidays and special events are the travel and tourism's bread and butter. We accommodate your need for dynamic content changes with an easy-to-use Content Management System that your staff can manage specials or promotions with ease.

Reservations Systems.

We are more than happy to integrate your reservation system into your tourism website design. We especially care that your contacts are universal across your entire online presence. Our goal is always to provide you and your clients a fantastic online journey.

Digital Marketing.

Your web design for the travel and tourism industry presents more than just an online presence. Our expert team also provide additional digital marketing services so you can quickly promote your unique travel and tourism offering.


Our team excels at learning all they can about your travel business so that your final website design matches your brand identity. We want your clients to get a complete picture and feel for the fantastic accommodation, tours, destinations, and activities you have to offer.


It's All About Your Customers.

It's 2024 and website design for the travel and tourism industry has changed a lot over the past couple of years. People are ready to embrace the excitement of traveling once again, and if you want to get as much of that potential market as possible, you need all the innovative technologies you can get. Your clients come first, which is why we provide a robust online presence that is easy to navigate.


Provide clients from all over the world with an engaging, fully responsive, and immersive website experience. Reach out to our expert team to discuss your unique challenge and brand story and learn more about how we can revolutionize your online presence.

  • Land, Air, and Water Shuttle Services
  • Hotels, Motels, and Airbnb Companies
  • Shared Accommodations, Camping, and Hostels
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Agri-Tourism and Eco Tourism
  • Cruises
  • Tourist Guides and Tours
  • Travel Agencies
  • Tour Operators
  • And many more!

We look forward to growing your brand's online visibility. We want to craft a unique brand identity with an engaging web design for travel and tourism companies that appeal to their clients' hearts and inner adventurers.


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Our Work.

Case Studies: Travel and Tourism Web Design.

Below are a few real world examples of websites that we have designed and developed for businesses in the travel and tourism sector. From a broad range of accommodation providers - budget bed and breakfast to luxury lodges and hotel chains, to destination sites that showcase the regions highlights, to tourism operators, and more!

"Jimmyweb did a great job designing and building our website. They made it seem easy, guiding us through the process, from concept to completion. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build an online shop"

− Rui Zhou, Love Handbags

"We just want to thank you for all your work and persistance and for doing such an amazing job. You guys are absolutely brilliant to work with! Thank you so much."

− Michelle + Derek, On Snow

"The Jimmyweb guys are generous with their time and their ideas, they are clearly very passionate about what they do and I would definitely recommend them"

− Colette Guanta, Tessuti Fabrics