Wiki Australia

Project: Wordpress Website

Sector: Travel

Wiki Australia is a travel and tourism website that provides comprehensive information about Australia for tourists and locals alike. The website is designed to be user-friendly, fast-loading, and easy to navigate. The primary goal of the website is to help visitors discover new destinations in Australia, from major cities like Sydney and Perth to smaller towns like Tamworth and Airlie Beach. The website also features information on unique experiences like skydiving and hot air ballooning, as well as iconic destinations like Bondi Beach, the Gold Coast, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef.


The primary challenge for Wiki Australia was to create a website that was informative, engaging, and easy to use. The website needed to provide comprehensive information about a wide range of destinations and experiences in Australia, while also being user-friendly and fast-loading. The website also needed to be optimized for search engines, as it needed to attract visitors from around the world who were interested in traveling to Australia.


To meet the challenges faced by Wiki Australia, our team at Jimmyweb developed a custom website that was designed to be both informative and user-friendly. We began by conducting extensive research on the tourism industry in Australia, including the most popular destinations and experiences among visitors. We then developed a website structure that was easy to navigate, with clear categories for different types of destinations and experiences.

We also developed a custom content management system (CMS) that allowed the team at Wiki Australia to easily add and update content on the website. This made it easy to keep the website up-to-date with the latest information on destinations, experiences, and travel-related news.

To ensure that the website was fast-loading and optimized for search engines, we used the latest web development technologies, including responsive design and optimized images. We also conducted extensive on-page SEO (search engine optimization), including keyword research and optimization of meta tags, to ensure that the website would rank highly in search results for relevant keywords.


Since launching the new website, Wiki Australia has seen a significant increase in traffic and engagement. The website has become a go-to resource for travelers planning a trip to Australia, as well as locals looking for new destinations to explore. The website’s user-friendly design and comprehensive content have also helped to establish Wiki Australia as a leading authority on travel and tourism in Australia.

Overall, the project was a great success, and we are proud to have played a role in helping Wiki Australia achieve its goals. The new website is a testament to the power of user-centered design, and we are confident that it will continue to be a valuable resource for travelers and locals alike.

What did we do?

  • Discovery + Strategy
  • Custom Website Design
  • Responsive Mobile-Ready
  • CMS Customisation
  • Creative Direction
  • Website Development
  • Wordpress Development
  • Website Hosting
  • Speed Optimisation
  • Ongoing Maintenance + Support
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Wiki Australia - Web Design Case Study

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