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Tessuti Fabrics is Australia’s leading fabric retailer offering European and international designer fabrics across Australia for 30 years, and since the online store opened in 2008, throughout the world.


We originally built the Tessuti Online Shop in 2008 and as the business has evolved, we have redesigned the site a couple of times since.

In mid 2021 we worked with Tessuti to redesign and rebuild the site again from scratch.

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Project: Shopify Website

Sector: Fashion

Clients with Multiple Sites

The Strategy

We began this redesign project analyzing the existing online shop to better understand what worked and to look for opportunities – to better understand any issues and intended objectives.

What did we do?

  • Discovery + Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Responsive Mobile-Ready
  • Shopify Customisation
  • Speed Optimisation
  • Conversion Optimisation


We’ve been working closely with Tessuti since 2008, so we had the luxury of a very long discovery phase! We worked with the Client to isolate any issues with the previous website, as well as discover any potential opportunities, that helped us to define the objectives that would guide the redesign.

The key elements of the website redesign that were important included:

  • Dramatically improve the mobile experience
  • Refresh and modernize the design
  • Make it easy for visitors to discover products and information
  • Make it simple for the Client to maintain content on the site
  • Add new functionality (such as Wish Lists and Currency Converter)

We recommended redesigning the site from scratch (the current version of the online shop was a redesign that had evolved from earlier versions), so that we could focus on re-engineering the mobile user experience from the ground up.

Wireframe: Homepage
Wireframe: Classes
Wireframe: Filtering
Wireframe: Mega Menu
Wireframe: Multi-Variant Products

UX/UI Prototyping

During the UX planning phase, we started by creating wireframes for discussion internally that helped to identify unique improvements in the user experience of the new online shop.


The Style

Together with the Tessuti team, we redesigned the site to use strong elements from their established and trusted brand to create a clean minimal appearance that worked well across the website.

We used an ultra-minimal colour palette (the black and white colours being a strong theme throughout their branding), and utilized clear spacing that creates a seamless flow to content within the site. The new typography combinations are bold and modern, making it easy to read, find what you’re looking for, and convert through the checkout.



Colour Palette


The Substance

The Tessuti website is built on Shopify and a site that is intended to be maintained regularly with new product. The website is a cleverly customised Shopify site that allows the client to easily manage content, products, collections, menus and other important information.

Clean, Minimal Design

The site is designed with big fonts, generous spacing, and bold layouts that allow the visitor to focus on the imagery first. The eye is then drawn into the details.

By using customised Shopify layouts, we were able to give the Tessuti team control over their content; a website that is now much easier to manage.

Mobile Friendly Design Experience

Over time, the changing emphasis on various mobile screen sizes meant that the previous mobile user experience needed improving. With the new redesigned mobile-optimised site, customers can now easily browse and buy online, on the go!


The new Tessuti Online Shop has been completely revamped to provide a better user experience on desktops and mobiles, a more modern and welcoming look and feel inline with their branding, and a better customer flow from first landing on the site to checkout.

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Bringing It All Together

Tessuti Fabrics are one of those clients that we just love working with. The long, trusted relationship allows us to both be on the same page, as we understand each others values – both personally and as businesses. This allows for very open discussions around the direction of the website, and a real collaborative team effort, which ultimately resulted in the re-launch of a successful online shop that their customers love.

What We Loved

Redesigning the site, and seeing the sales improve – particularly mobile orders. We challenged ourselves to make a mobile experience that would improve the end-to-end customer experience, and the numbers speak for themselves (mobile now accounts for the majority of online sales).

What They Loved

Presentation is everything.

Having a clean and modern website that visually presents well in the fashion industry is important, as well as having a great online customer experience (to reflect the great in-store experience). The outcomes from the recent online shop redesign have been very well received by Tessuti, their staff and their customers.

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