Feedback: Our clients know us well

Feedback: Our clients know us well

We just received this lovely gift of a bunch of chocolates from the team at Catablog… they know us well!

One of our big projects for 2014 was to build the Catablog application – a website where PR agencies and Brands can get access to a directory of Australian and New Zealand bloggers, social connections, social scores and contact information. Catablog has a unique dynamic ranking system using real time data to rank Australian and New Zealand blogs in terms of their audience reach and social media influence.

Scott took the lead with the development of this project and has done a fantastic job…

“I just wanted to tell you that Scott has done an amazing job on Catablog and is continuing to do so… we are really pleased with it and we are getting great feedback from bloggers…”

– Janyne Moore – Catablog
Catablog are another great client that we are looking forward to working with again, in 2015!