Feedback: Great feedback from a client’s happy customer

Feedback: Great feedback from a client’s happy customer

It’s always nice to get good feedback from a client. It’s extra special when we get positive feedback from a customer of a client.

While we work hard to make our clients happy, we also aim to make the customers of our clients happy. We want your customers to enjoy the experience of using your website. We try to make it easy as possible for them to find what they’re looking for, to make contact, or make a purchase.

Recent feedback.

Recently Tessuti Fabrics, one of our fashion website design clients, forwarded an email to us from one of their happy online shop customers. It started out asking about some fabrics they were interested in, but then went on to say…

“…BTW, thanks for the always brilliant online service and quality. Since moving to Melbourne from Sydney 10 years ago, I rely on the Tessuti website or the option of phone ordering as I can no longer easily make physical visits to a store. Thus I am a highly frequent online user (multiple times daily), and even though I do not operate a related commercial operation, I have been meaning to submit my feedback re the Tessuti website for a long time.

The website designer needs special congrats:

Of all the general and/or designer-quality fabric websites I have ever visited, worldwide, Tessuti’s is definitely the best designed and most user-friendly and logically mapped. It definitely boasts the best viewing options of all products. It’s really, really terrific and I really believe that positive comment needs to be publicized. It’s also way better than many clothing – including those of pricey “designer” apparell – sites, that just completely miss the obvious regarding an online shopper’s expectations of the experience, their viewing wants and perspective – and one’s practical, purchasing options.”

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