A New Beginning

A New Beginning

So this is it, we’ve finally taken the big jump – leaving our jobs to make Jimmyweb our fulltime endeavour. It’s been a long time coming and the challenge has always been picking the right time to make our move.

Some are saying that with the economy the way it is, it is a silly time to do it, but we are confident that we can make a go of it. In some ways, the economic downturn offers oppotunities to obtain new business by offering a better product at more cost effective rates than larger agencies can offer.

Its definitely a very exciting time. Everything we’ve done over the last five years had been building towards the day when we would go full time. Over the years we’ve connected with great clients that I know are cheering for us and recommending us to others.

The number of doors that have already started to open now that we can confidentally tell people we are now available on a fulltime basis, has been astonishing and gratifying.

We moved into our new office in York St, Sydney on the 2nd Feb and are now keen to hear from anyone who may be able to utilise our services (or just our friendly, professional advice).

We are looking forward to a challenging and (hopefully) prosperous year in 2009. Thank you to our existing clients who have been integral to the growth of Jimmyweb, and have helped us grow to the point when we could do this for real.