Optimization (SEO) versus manipulation

Optimization (SEO) versus manipulation

When selecting a company to help you with your Search Engine Optimization campaign, you need to be aware of a few of the pitfalls that can undo the inexperienced website operator.

Optimization for a guaranteed number 1 placement.

Avoid anyone who guarantees to give you a number one placement in search engines. Due to the complex nature of the algorithms used by search engines to sort results – there is no way a genuine Search Engine Consultant can offer a guaranteed first position. Often when this promise is made, they might be referring to minor keywords – keywords that you wouldn’t normally consider to be found.

This has also become a trend recently with Search Engine Marketers offering to guarantee a permanent first place position in Google Ads. First of all this against the Google’s terms and conditions (point 5) – “Claiming that you can guarantee top placements in Google, or that ads will appear in Google Search at all times.” Secondly, this isn’t necessarily the outcome you should be focused on. Seeing your website listed at the top might be nice for your ego, but you should be focusing on optimization of keywords/adverts that convert.

Gateway pages or multiple artificial keyword pages.

One practice used by the less ethical Search Engine Optimization gurus is to produce many (sometimes hundreds or thousands) of pages artificially designed to place well in the Search Engine Results. Search Engines specifically warn against this technique which can have your pages penalized, or in extreme cases completely removed from the index altogether.

Linking schemes, free for all links.

Another technique of the unethical Search Engine Optimization experts are artificial linking schemes. This is where a network of related sites all interlink with each other for the sole purpose of artificially increasing rankings. Again, Search Engines are well aware of this technique and this is possibly the most commonly penalized action of a Search Engine Optimizer.

Submission services.

“Submit your web site URL to 1000+ search engines and directories” and other such services do not offer you any better chance of Search Engine Success. There are only a few major Engine and Directories that you need to submit to. Generally Google, Yahoo and the other major engines will find your site whether you submit them or not.

Our approach.

Jimmyweb work within the specified guidelines to optimize your site without risk of Search Engine penalties. We have over ten years experience in ethically placing sites within the first two pages of Search Engine results and we not only help you with your placement, but impart knowledge of how to successfully do so. On completion of our search engine services, we present you with a long-term strategy for you to continue with into the future.