Free Responsive Design Tool: Screenfly

Free Responsive Design Tool: Screenfly

We should all be designing for various screen sizes and devices now. And now there’s a great responsive design tool to help make that even easier.

Want to see how your responsive website looks on a desktop screen, tablet, and mobile device without having to actually use all of them?

ScreenFly – Responsive Design

We’ve just found this excellent free design tool, ScreenFly that allows you to see how your responsive website looks…

  • on different devices:  Desktop, Tablet, iPad, Kindle, iPhone, etc.
  • at different screen sizes:  24-inch Desktop, 13-Inch Laptop, 7″ Kindle Fire, etc.

You can use ScreenFly to rotate the view of the device you’re testing, to see how it’ll look on in landscape versus portrait orientation.

This responsive design tool is totally free, and no real technical skills are required. Simply go to their site and enter in the URL of your website that you want to test, and then start selecting devices and screen sizes to see how your website looks. Too easy!

There’s no excuse not to do responsive design, except perhaps a really tight budget. But even then, if you choose to save money by not making your website responsive, you might actually be harming your business potential (mobile browsing is growing rapidly). ScreenFly is a great, easy, free, quick way to test how your store looks on multiple devices. We just thought we’d share – it’s just how we are!

If you’re website doesn’t look good on all devices yet, we can help – get in touch!