sfJqueryFormValidationPlugin – A client-side form validation plugin for Symfony

sfJqueryFormValidationPlugin – A client-side form validation plugin for Symfony

Jimmyweb is proud to present our first plugin for the Symfony Framework!

The plugin is called sfJqueryFormValidationPlugin (yes it’s a mouthful) and a beta version is available now from the plug-ins section of the Symfony website.

This plugin adds much-needed client-side form validation to sites built with the new(ish) Symfony forms framework. Presently, you can only specify server-side validation rules in a Symfony application – so our plugin parses the server-side rules into a format which can be understood by the jQuery Validation plugin, which in turn utilises the exceptional jQuery javascript library.

This essentially means that you get client-side form validation in your Symfony applications with no additional work whatsoever.

In a recent project, I had to build client side validation manually for a Symfony project with a number of  large forms. The validation alone took two days to build and test. This plugin would have reduced two days of development from this project, had it existed then (in fact this was the catalyst for the production of the plugin in the first place).

This plugin is still in Beta, however we are running it successfully on a couple of production websites so far. We would encourage Symfony developers to give it a try and come back to us with bugs, suggestions, enhancements or comments.

In the future we are looking to add extra features such as accessibility enhancements and features to make forms more attractive.