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Project: Wordpress Website

Sector: Professional ServicesFinancial Services

As a family-owned business, Webb Financial has grown from a simple accounting firm to a full-service financial services provider. Webb Financial sought to challenge the living, breathing stereotypes of the accounting and financial services industries, so they approached Jimmyweb with the intention of creating an accounting WordPress website with a difference. The use of a bold, friendly colour scheme, a fast loading website, and clear, easy to navigate content helped to achieve their goal.

Webb Financial’s objective was clear: redefine the accounting and financial services landscape by delivering a website that stood out. They aimed to challenge conventions and make their services more accessible, approachable, and engaging.

Our team crafted a design that dared to be different. Webb Financial’s new website embraced a bold and friendly color scheme that set it apart from the traditional, often stoic designs seen in the industry. The vibrant colors conveyed approachability and warmth, making Webb Financial instantly inviting to visitors. To simplify user journeys, we implemented intuitive and easy-to-navigate content structures. Visitors could now effortlessly find the information they needed, making their interactions with Webb Financial more productive and enjoyable.

The transformation of Webb Financial’s website led to remarkable outcomes:

  • The new design shattered industry stereotypes, presenting Webb Financial as a modern, approachable, and dynamic financial services provider.
  • The user-friendly interface and quick loading times resulted in increased user engagement and reduced bounce rates, translating into more satisfied clients.
  • With better search engine rankings, Webb Financial’s services reached a broader audience, expanding their client base and impact.
  • Webb Financial received positive feedback from clients and visitors who appreciated the website’s fresh and inviting approach.

Jimmyweb’s collaboration with Webb Financial successfully redefined their digital identity and challenged industry norms. The WordPress website we crafted not only improved user experience but also contributed to Webb Financial’s growth and enhanced brand image.

Looking ahead, Webb Financial in Wollongong is well-equipped to continue their journey as a financial services provider that defies conventions and delivers innovative solutions with a personal touch.

What did we do?

  • Discovery + Strategy
  • Custom Website Design
  • Responsive Mobile-Ready
  • CMS Customisation
  • Creative Direction
  • Website Development
  • Speed Optimisation
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Webb Financial - Web Design Case Study

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