How to build your email list

How to build your email list

Convincing someone to give you their email address is much easier than convincing them to buy something, since it doesn’t cost anything except a few seconds of their time to sign up.

Advertise to drive traffic to a landing page.

Perhaps the quickest way to start building up your email markerting list is to send traffic to a unique landing page that has a clearly-defined offer and a clearly visible email signup form. By using ads you can target and send quality traffic – people who are more likely to be interested in your products and services.

Your marketing will be much more effective if you carefully choose who to spend it on. For example, Facebook allows you to show ads to people who are in your target audience. You can choose what age, gender, relationship status, location, and interests you want to target with your ads.

Offer something of value.

In exchange for signing up to your email list, try offering somthing of value. Create a good landing page free of distractions and focus on asking people to sign up in exchange for a downloadable resource, newsletter or free course of some kind.

Another way of getting email subscribers is to have a window that pops up and offers a discount code in exchange for an email signup (although, some people can find pop-ups to be annoying, so know your audience). When used well, this method can be effective for encouraging people who are already browsing your products to sign up to your email list. Many people will sign up for the discount code but won’t make a purchase right away, which is why it’s important to nurture that relationship over time.

Hold a contest or giveaway.

Giving away a prize such as one of your products or a gift card to someone who enters a contest on your Facebook page can be a great way to  generate buzz about your brand and build your social following, in addition to collecting email addresses.

Have a sitewide email sign up box.

It’s a classic, but it never hurts to have a good old-fashioned email signup box on your website for anyone who wants to subscribe even without being motivated by one of the above options.

This is especially effective if you have a blog with high-quality regular content or a shop with new products being added all the time, as people will be more likely to subscribe in order to be notified when you have fresh content or new products.