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Kenwood Kitchens have been providing quality custom kitchens & kitchen renovations in Sydney for over 35 years, utilizing their state of the art factory that manufacturers the cabinetry in-house.


We designed and developed an engaging website for Kenwood Kitchens, one of Australia’s leading experts in providing complete kitchen renovation solutions.

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Project: Wordpress Website

Sector: Property + Construction

The Strategy

The initial vision for the Kenwood Kitchens website was simple yet powerful: to enable customers to visualise their next kitchen from Kenwood. We began this project with a Discovery phase to better understand the customers’ intended journey on the website.

What did we do?

  • Discovery + Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Responsive Mobile-Ready
  • CMS Customisation
  • Speed Optimisation


Our discussions revealed the key issues with the old website, as well as potential opportunities, and assisted us in defining the objectives that would guide the redesign.

The key elements of the website redesign that were important to the client was:

  • Modernise the design (the previous design was dated and limiting)
  • Provide a positive mobile experience
  • Make clear call to actions – for visitors to get in touch

After some in-depth client/customer research, we came up with a strong direction aimed at potential customers. We recommended developing a clean, well-designed, layout that would be aesthetically appealing to the consumer allowing the customer to focus on the potential outcome (a new kitchen).

Wireframe: Homepage
Wireframe: General Layout 1
Wireframe: General Layout 2
Wireframe: General Layout 3
Wireframe: FAQs Layout

UX/UI Prototyping

We mapped out the site architecture and generated a series of wireframes throughout the UX planning phase, which acted as strong guide for the site layout and allowed us to swiftly test concepts to ensure we had the optimal client and customer user experience.


The Style

The first step in creating Kenwood Kitchens was crafting a design that would be quick to load, and visually would be a design that customers would remember.

We used an ultra-minimal colour palette – a colour hierarchy with a strong use of the key branding colours – and utilized clear spacing that creates a seamless flow to content within the site, that draws the customer in on a journey. All the while, clear spacing allows the customer to focus on the clean, sharp imagery.



Colour Palette


The Substance

The Kenwood Kitchens site is intended to be maintained with regular new content, as new kitchen projects are completed. The website is built on the WordPress CMS, along with some very clever customisation under the hood that allows the client to easily manage content, projects, news, and other important information.

Easy To Manage Layouts

The site is designed with clever, easy-to-manage flexible content sections, that can be edited, repositioned, and repeated through various areas within the website.

By using customised content blocks, we gave the team at Kenwood Kitchens control over their content; a website that is now amazingly easy to manage.

Mobile Friendly Design Experience

With social media driving a lot of traffic to the website, it was important that customers had a great user experience, on the go. The design needed to be mobile-friendly and as a result, we built the site from the ground up to be optimised for the mobile experience.


The team at Kenwood Kitchens were looking to upgrade the website with a fresh, modern appearance inline with their branding and key messaging.

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Bringing It All Together

Working with Kenwood Kitchens, the project was a smooth process from start to finish. With regular check-ins, iterative design reviews, quick sign-offs on changes and updates, and great communication throughout the design and development stages – this was a real team effort.

What We Loved

After some close fine tuning with the client, we created something that put the user in total control of their journey through the website. The outcome from the Kenwood Kitchens rebuild is a much clearer user experience that we’re very proud of.

What They Loved

A modern design, with a clearer focus on the inspiring imagery that is appealing to all of their stake-holders – from the management team and staff, to potential customers.

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